Who are you?

Okay so you want to know more...

So you are interested but want to know more? Well here's where we come clean. "We" are "me"!? I am Sam van Leer (and a couple of friends when needed) and I am a nerd.

Under the name The Geek Floor I help others build solutions for their small businesses. I started The Geek Floor when I realised I have a passion for solving problems and building techy stuff. I have worked for the past 12 years exclusively in the Technology sector with everything from large businesses all the way down to start-ups! I also have a passion for Entrepreneurship and brilliant brands. While researching for my own business, The Pac Van, I realised that a lot of the things we would like to have as business owners (a decent website, design work, integration of platforms) are actually hugely financially inflated and that I could just do them myself either using my own knowledge or industry contacts.

This lead to me "giving it a good go", and confirming to myself that I enjoyed the process and that small businesses are getting ripped off!
That's when I decided to offer my own services to friends and family which quickly lead to my first paying client and things have snowballed since then. My key differentiator is to do things well, find an appropriate way to deliver what my client needs but for a fair cost and to deliberately take on a small number of projects and treat them as though they were my own start-up business. Approaching it this way means that I can be truly proud of what I deliver for clients.

I was also proud to recently be awarded the Epsom & Ewell Business Award for Best Young Entrepreneur 2018 for my work on my own business.
I hope on reading this confession of sorts, you don't feel deceived by the rest of the site but see that a good brand doesn't have to be an overinflated team and that how you present yourself or your small business can make a huge difference.