Big Dicks Hot Sauce

Funny name...serious sauce. A recipe for success.

Big Dick's Original Sauce is all about the flavour, fire and fun!

Grab yourself a bottle of Big Dick's, your everyday hot sauce! Each bottle is stuffed with tonnes of tangy, seasoned flavour that will strengthen and enhance everything you eat, without being too hot. Awesome on wings, tacos, burritos and whatever else you want to dream up!
Big Dick's Hot Sauce is hand-made and bottled in Maidstone, Kent using only the freshest chillies and spices.

The Geek Floor acted as a consultant on all things Google, reviews and social media, as well as connecting Big Dick's with existing client Blacks Burgers - Big Dick's is now sold and available on tables at all 3 Blacks Burgers locations.

The Geek Floor maintain and look after the social proofing element of the business through Trustpilot, a review platform, this has allowed Richard at Big Dick's to concentrate on creating bigger and bigger batches of Hot Sauce!

Grab a bottle or two at