Gauntlett Boxing Club

Landing punches with landing pages!

Gauntlett Boxing Club is a family run Boxing Club based in Epsom in Surrey, solely owned by Chris Gauntlett.

Chris Gauntlett is an Epsom family man who has spent his life in and around the boxing ring. Chris boxed for the Foley Arms Amateur Boxing club and ended up Boxing for Epsom and Ewell Amateur Boxing Club and then progressing onto a coach level. Having worked and trained in various gyms throughout his life, Chris wanted to build a club that would show a different approach to boxing. He wanted to create an exciting venue with a great buzz and most importantly a club which is intimidation free and welcoming to all.

The Geek Floor have designed and continue to maintain Gauntlett Boxing Club's website.

The brief was top create a modern yet simple website that showcases the club and pushes it into the 21st Century. We looked after the process of building the website and handed it over completed to be hosted on their own account with 1 and 1 internet meaning the website is theirs, to keep, forever.
We have access and continue to update it over the months as they get nearer to opening a second location.

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