Your restaurant and The Geek Floor

We've helped Restaurants & Coffeeshops across the UK increase engagement, improve web presence and even increase customer spend!
We've created solid websites & apps with functionality to rival the big chains and worked with big companies in the booking platform industry. If you're missing out on something, we'll be able to tell you!


It's not just about a website and some social media!

You look after the guests that walk through the door and we'll handle the online side of things.

Digital Marketing
Promoted Social Campaigns
Social Media Management

If it's online, we can help give you a push in the right direction like we have with many of our restaurant clients.


Whether you are just setting up or you need a mess of systems untangling and simplifying we have our finger firmly on the pulse of the Hospitality Tech world.

iOS and Android Apps
Booking systems
Loyalty Schemes
Delivery systems
Pay at Table systems

We'll be sure to cover everything to make sure your restaurant is operating as effectively as possible.


During the rolling lockdowns all businesses are encountering currently TheGeekFloor has built a cost effective solution for many restaurants.

By utilising your website to take food orders and your own existing staff to make deliveries you can keep operating as best you can without the price hike on services like Just Eat and Deliveroo.

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Ready? Okay...pop the bonnet

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    Whilst we know we are very cost effective and would love to talk to you anyway, we know budgets are tight and we believe in helping small businesses.

    For that reason...we want to send you all our top tips in a handy PDF for you to implement. Pay us back in food when we come and eat at your restaurant.

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