At TheGeekFloor we believe a website is an important "shop window" that your prospective customers often peek in before they do any business with you. It needs to be easily found, look attractive, give a clear message and drive engagement with your brand.


That's why we never cut corners.


We build all of our websites in either WordPress or ReactJS.

This means we are always able to find the right fit for your business and utilise our experience to make sure you get the best results.

We hold your hand every step of the way providing support where needed and making sure you get the most from your little corner of the internet.


We keep your site updated and running.

Never worry about patches, plugins or performance. We look after everything for you and periodically check to see if we can shave off a few seconds of load time or optimise your site for flawless results every single time someone loads it.


Need to change or add something? Maybe a new face has joined the team or an exciting special offer is on its way!

Drop us a line and we'll make the necessary changes. As soon as we know, your customers will know.


A website is your chance to make a fantastic first impression. That restaurant that you have always fancied trying, the hair salon you've heard is good, or the trades person you hire - what are the odds on you visiting their website before contacting them? That's why we specialise in great website design that engages your potential customer from the start and lead to them spending with your business. It's that simple.

We are the website design agency that understands small businesses. Your money is precious and every penny counts. That's why we work to budget with projects delivered by a small team using cost-effective tools.


We can work with almost any budget and will always guide you from a business perspective...never pressuring you into spending more than your business can afford or more than you need!

Book a call with us today to find out what we could do to boost your business.