WeFumo are a start-up catering company founded right in the middle of the Coronavirus Pandemic in 2020 with TheGeekFloor on their side, they were able to forge a new business in the toughest of times.


Josh Rosoman, founder and CEO of WeFumo, approached us with a problem, he knew exactly what he wanted but had no idea how to execute his plans.

Initially Josh asked for some branding (with some loose ideas as to what he envisioned) and a website with some contact forms...and of course, any other ideas we had that may be useful to him.


We first spent some time on a brand guide; colours, fonts, stylistic choices etc. We were able to come up with a fitting logo in-house (we also have some world class designers at our disposal, should we have needed to bring in some graphic geeks).

We then turned our attention to the website and using the new branding were able to easily create a user-friendly website with information on the business, images to entice and a great dynamic contact form, fitting all their needs.

We didn't stop there however, we were able to also introduce and set-up a great Point of Sale System (LoyVerse), a speedy and easy to use pay at table ordering system that allows for QR code scanning to start an order right from a table and help with social distancing (GonnaOrder) and we also trained the WeFumo staff on best practises when using these systems.

Later down the line we added in a WooCommerce store for home deliveries and taking payment through a payment processor that gets them paid quickly (Stripe).

For WeFumo, being a start-up, one of the core focuses was value for money, we certainly achieved that and the company is quite stunningly profitable even during lockdowns and limited events being booked.


WeFumo now have a healthy business with a lot of attention and a good sized audience having catered at some of the most prestigious party venues across London and the South East.

They have been commended on their ability to adhere to Social Distancing guidelines and have even now expanded their operations to start shipping great quality smoked meat across the entire UK.

TheGeekFloor continues to support them and we have regular scheduled calls to grow their business.


"Without TheGeekFloor, we definitely wouldn't be where we are today. Leaning on them for anything tech related has allowed us to focus on the thing we do best, creating fantastic food for our customers. Having TheGeekFloor on our side has made us a business rather than a home operation."

Josh Rosoman - CEO/Founder @ WeFumo